Feira do Fumeiro - Vinhais

A video about the Feira do #Fumeiro at Vinhais, which parodies the Wrecking Ball theme from #Miley#Cyrus, was seen by more than 8000 people in just over 20 hours, according to the Town-hall of Vinhais. 

The Fair of Vinhais happens in the transmontana village since 1981, in the second week-end of #February, offering visitors beyond the exhibition of products and the possibility of acquiring them an extensive program of activities. Three decades of experience that made the unequivocal #Vinhais the capital of smoke meats, an exhibition that has been working on its international position.





Lisbon could be Europe's coolest city

7 reasons Lisbon could be Europe's coolest city by CNN

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Garrett McNamara - Nazaré

Nazare (Portugal) is again in the mouths of the world and is the usual suspect.

The surfer Garrett McNamara was photographed again in a giant wave in North Beach. 

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Portugal - amazing Video





Sharon Stone uses filigrana

She was caught in the street with jewelery from Viana do Castelo.


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