Tailor Made Tours

Company Presentation

The Grekking ® is a Portuguese company in the context of the activity that develops and promotes initiatives and events of constant contact with the environment, while trying to articulate innovation and tradition in the offers proposed.

With the activity that dynamises the Grekking ® promotes the visitation to sites of excellence through nature walks, providing contact with the environment and the natural beauty and landscape of Portugal, as well as the cultural, architectural and culinary richness that is offered.

In the roadmaps that Grekking ® organizes each Grekker has the opportunity to go to natural parks and protected areas, to meet historical, cultural and scenic patrimony, to enjoy the sunset from the beaches and mountains, to delight in famous wines, cheeses and traditional dishes from each area.

The people, the environment, security, quality of service, Portugal, are principles that integrate the design of each offer and determine Grekking ®’s action.

Once Grekking’s target brigs together several countries and therefore different cultures, tastes, preferences, desires and goals, Grekking believes that the completion of this form is shown the most effective method so that the specific wishes of each client be fulfilled.

The completion of this form may be made ​by the operator aiming to purchase a pack already closed that meets the preferences of their customers. Moreover, this form may be given by the operator to his customers so these may elect their holidays.




Pack 1 - No Guide

Value for 1 person per day - 50 €


Pack 2 - With Guide

Value for 1 person per day - 160 €




The packs include:


Guides – Local expert rail guides, knowledgeable of the mentioned rails. (Except pack 1)

Transfer - From accommodation to the beginning of the trail / rail to the end of the housing.

Maps - Detailed maps of the tracks to pursue.

Coordinates of Geotagging - Description of the entire route with georeferenced coordinates for GPS Selfguide use.

Newsletter - Newsletter of the main points of interest in the region.

Security Devices - If it is true that Grekking ® does everything to find the best places to visit, it is also true that with excellent care that Grekking ® observes the security issues of the pathways it promotes.

Sense of awareness and responsibility make us realize that sometimes less pleasant situations can happen. Therefore, all our activities are subject to prior analysis of security conditions.

In case something unpredictable happens, Grekking ®’s visitors are offered devices which are connected to the Red Cross that once activated emits an emergency notice, as well as allow to make phone calls to multiple predefined numbers, while immediately displaying to the Red Cross the location of the device user.



Each participant is ensured with personal liability insurance.

Coverages Capitals per person
Death by accident 25.000,00 Euro
Permanent disability by accident 25.000,00 Euro
Treatment expenses for the patient 3.680,00 Euro
Simultaneous death of the insured and spouse 15.000,00 Euro
Funeral Expenses (costs) 5.000,00 Euro
Operation expenses, Rescue, victim transportation   1.000,00 Euro


Customer Data
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  • date time
  • calendar
  • calendar
  • Fun
  • Adventurous
  • Relaxed
  • Explorer
  • Risky
  • Competitive
  • Curious
Characterization of Stay
  • Region:
Duty Travel
  • Moving from Country of Origin to Destination:
  • Driver from arrival site to accommodation /accommodation to departure site
  • Lodging options:
  • Options:
  • Options:
  • Transport to Restaurant
Extra Natural Activities
  • Transportation to activities
Extra Cultural Activities
  • Transportation to activities
Extra Traditional Activities
  • Transportation to activities
Extra Tasting Activities
  • Transportation to activities
Social Responsability
  • Participate in Voluntary Actions:
  • Eco/Social Contribution
  • CO2 Offsetting