Grekking it’s a specialist in designing tailored tours.

Built from scratch, and over the interests of our client, entire trip, activities and experiences.

You prefer to know the country walking or biking?

You prefer contact with nature and landscapes or contact with people?

You prefer the countryside or the beach?

What kind of specialist would you like to trail along your trip? A photographer? A gastronome?

You prefer more radical activities or contemplation?


In order to make the ideal offer for you, we suggest you to filling out the questionnaire .

If you consider it more useful, please email your request to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via phone: (000351)240520



Our packs include:

 - Guides - local experts

 - Transfers - From accommodation to the beginning of the trail or Activity / From the end of the trail or activity to the accommodation.

 - Detailed Map of the tracks included - Maps.

 - Georeferencing - Description of the route through geo-referenced coordinates for GPS.

 - Tips - A list of key points and places of interest in the region

 - Security Devices - A previous analysis of the security situation is made to all of our activities and routes. Anyway, is given our clients a device connected with the Red Cross that once activated emit an early warning signal.



Each participant is ensured with personal liability insurance.                                                                      

Coverages                                                               Capitals per person

Death by accident                                                             25.000,00 Euro

Permanent disability by accident                                      25.000,00 Euro

Treatment expenses for the patient                                     3.680,00 Euro

Simultaneous death of the insured and spouse                   15.000,00 Euro

Funeral Expenses (costs)                                                      5.000,00 Euro

Operation expenses, Rescue, victim transportation            1.000,00 Euro


In our tailor made offer

Our offer detailed in the specific proposal what’s included in it.

However, the principles implicit in the conditions of the packs remain.



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