Companies & Groups

Grekking, through its vast network of partners, is also prepared to design an offer

tailored tours to your company.

Ask us if you want to organize an event for its employees, partners or customers.


For example: A day of outdoor activities, with involvement of a motivational coach.

Team Building activities, in an historical place and followed by a memorable meal.

Qualitividade • Company day 2012  

grupo trekking


Each participant is ensured with personal liability insurance.                                                                

Coverages                                                                Capitals per person
Death by accident                                                            25.000,00 Euro
Permanent disability by accident                                      25.000,00 Euro
Treatment expenses for the patient                                   3.680,00 Euro
Funeral Expenses (costs)                                                    5.000,00 Euro

Operation expenses, Rescue, victim transportation            1.000,00 Euro

Tailor Made Offer

Our offer detailed in the specific proposal what’s included in it.

However, the principles implicit in the conditions of the packs remain.  


Contact us to know the price of our packs.


Contact us to get your tailored proposal and its price.