Alentejo Interior



It is an area characterized by uniformity: peneplain, lightly undulated, with an average altitude of around 200 m, only with slightly pronounced mountainous outcrops.

The climate is characterized by excessively hot and dry Springs and Summers, with annual average temperature of 15,5-16º C.


Located in the South of Portugal, Alentejo denotes great aptitude in the production of wines of distinct quality and typicalness. It is populated with vast vineyards throughout vast plains under the scorching sun that illuminates and ripens the grapes. Alentejo wines are white and fruity, of intense and original aromas; red wines are of fruity and fresh aromas. In Alentejo it is also produced a wine with the Geographic Indication Vinho Regional Alentejano (Alentejo Regional Wine), which can indistinctly have origin in Portalegre, Évora and Beja districts.

Located in the heart of Serra de S. MamedeNature Park, the municipality of Portalegre has a rich flora and fauna that makes it very interesting in terms of natural heritage and Nature conservation. 


As reference locations, to get an overview of what this area of Alentejo is, it is identified in the city of Portalegre, the Cathedral, the José Régio House Museum, the palace-like houses and São BernardoConvent; in Évora, the Temple of Diana, Almendres Cromlech and menhir and the Chapel of Bones; in Beja, the Cathedral and the Regional Museum of Queen D. Leonor


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