Greater Lisbon



The Greater Lisbon area comprises the districts of Lisboa, Setúbal and Santarém.

In the city of Lisboa you can enjoy its picturesque Alfama and Mouraria neighbourhoods, the S. Jorge Castle and several monuments, among which the Tower of Belém, the Hieronymite Monastery, World Heritage Site, among others. The Convent of Christ, in Tomar, is the greatest example of the legacy of the templars, being classified as World Heritage site. In the district of Santarém, it deserves special mention the Estuário do Sado Nature Reserve and the Arrábida Nature Park – biogenetic reserve in Serra da Arrábida.


This region is privileged in Nature Parks and Reserves, together with a magnificent coastal area with a very pleasant climate. Also worthy of mention is Serra de Sintra, where the perfect combination of Palaces and Nature led to the classification of World Heritage by UNESCO.

The Estuário do Tejo Nature Reserve covers an extensive area of estuarine waters, mud, marshes, islets, saltworks, pastures and farmlands.

The riverside heritage also marks this sub-region in a very special way. The charming Almourol Castle anchored in the middle of the Tejo river, Constância village, Abrantes city and several riverside villages along the Tejo river, are strong reasons for a visit to this fascinating sub-region of Lisboa. Among the proud traditions of the region are included the breeding of horses and bulls, being Santarém also famous for its bullfights and the National Agriculture Fair. 


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