North Coast





The climate in the North Coast is a result of its geographic position and proximity to the Atlantic, as well as the shape and positioning of the main mountain ranges. In the area located in the North of Douro, valleys with altitudes below 800 meters are characterized by mild Winters and cool Summers.

Maritime Influence

The direct maritime influence, reflected in the penetration to the interior of the effect of sea breezes, is only experienced until about 40 – 60 km from the coast. The precipitation in these regions is high, due to the oceanic influence, despite the occurrence, on average, of two months of Summer dryness.


The North Coast contains charms that strive for uniqueness, namely the Peneda Gerês National Park, Protected Landscape of Lagoas de Bertiandos e S. Pedro de Arcos, Protected Landscape of Corno de Bico and Litoral Norte Nature Park.


Culturally/urbanely, it stands out: Braga, emerging as an excellent place regarding Religious Tourism; Guimarães, classified as World Heritage; Porto, riverside city, disputed by Douro River and Atlantic, where each sunset is a poem that the eyes read and the soul enjoys; Viana do Castelo, with the traditional gold and the magnificent landscapes that can be enjoyed at Santa Luzia viewpoint.


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