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The Minho Region is a region of great corn tradition, evidenced by the diversity of landscapes and heritage. Take a journey back in the time and enjoy this experience. Be farmer, know all about corn tradition and do your cornbread. Following the corn tradition that has hundreds of years we will involve you in all corn process from the terraced lands to the corn bread. It’s an authentic program! So be prepared to work, because you´ll help the farmers and you will learn a lot about the Region.



Day 1 : Arrival. Transfer from airport to the lodging.

Day 2: Minho regional traditions - cut and carry corn and traditional “desfolhada”

On this day you will help the farmers to cut and carry the corn from the land to the farm. At midday you lunch in the farmer´s house. In the afternoon we will do a traditional “desfolhada” near the granary.


Day 3: Minho regional traditions – malhada "treshing corn" and produce your cornbread

Workshop about cornbread – start your day threshing corn, after a thresher go to a watermill in Montaria to produce the flour. You will see and learn with a farmer to work with a watermill. At midday you lunch in the farmer´s house. In the afternoon you have the opportunity to produce your cornbread, according with the traditional know-how. After the preparation you can taste their authentic flavour with honey.


Day 4 Free day

Sugestion - Discover a locality of Minho

Option to visit: Caminha, Viana do Castelo or Ponte de Lima.


Caminha is a small town located near Spain. In the past this town was very important to protect the Portuguese Cost. In Caminha you can see the ruins of the Castle and you can visit the wonderful Ínsua Fortress in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. The Fortress was built in 1388 and was very important during the French invasions and the war between Portugal and Spain. Enjoy the Minho River and the Atlantic Cost doing a walk along them.

Viana do Castelo

Viana do Castelo was an important seaport during the Age of Discovery , today Viana is a modern town, which has grown near the Lima River. In the city visit the wonderful centre town. Don´t miss a visit to Santa Luzia that is the hill over the city with a church with the same name. In the top of the hill, enjoy a wonderful view to Viana do Castelo, Lima River and the Atlantic Ocean.

Ponte de Lima

Ponte de Lima is the oldest Portuguese village. The Romans inhabited the region and built the bridge over the Lima River, which remains are to be seen on the river’s right bank. Ponte de Lima prosperedvineyards and agriculture, thus leading to its urban growth. Imposing manor houses with magnificent gothic, baroque and neoclassic façades added more beauty to an already astonishing natural landscape. Visit the centre town and enjoy the beauty of the village their heritage and the nature.


Day 5: Trekking: “Montaria Watermills”

Along the “Montaria Watermills” trekking walk you enjoy the rural landscape, you can see wild life, granaries, watermills, terraced lands and you learn about the importance of the water and the corn for the locals. In this walk you can taste the traditional cornbread with other local products. The route is 12 km long.


Day 6: Trekking: “Montedor Windmills”

The “Montedor Windmills” trail takes about 4 hours. On this walk you can enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic Cost and visit two windmills that still working in Viana do Castelo.



Lodging will be on tourism housing or rural housing, with all comfort conditions that allow a pleasant stay within an environment of tranquility.

The accommodation units are strategically located, to allow better access to the places of activities set out in the Grekking ® programs.

Your accommodation unit selection will be done accordingly the chosen program and accommodation unit availability.



Accommodation in double room for six nights (according to item 3.2.6 of this proposal)

6 breakfasts;

2 picnics with cornbread and honey

2 lunches in a farmer´s house.

The lodging-activities and activities-lodging transfer are included in this proposal;

Specialized guide for activity days.

Insurance and safety devices



Everything that is not expressly described in this proposal. Ask us please, if you want another service besides the ones included in this proposal. We are prepared for to give an answer that meet your requests.



In addition to activities proposed before, other extracurricular activities that can be carried by visitors.


Regional activities*

Agritourism activities *           

Agriculture (olive picking, wine, cherry, mushrooms, hay, almond, etc.)

Stockbreeding (cattle, beekeeping, poultry, etc.)

Artisanal activities      

Olive oil production

Traditional cornbread with a wood oven

Social Responsibility Activities          

Reforest of burnt areas

Arrangements such as access paths and walls


Other activities


Ride in BTT

Ride of Moto 4 or Kart-Cross

Horse Riding

Climbing in natural environment

Visit of museums and monuments


Boat trip




Moments of relax        

SPA sessions


* These activities depend on the time of year.