Grekking is concerned with creating the best balance between innovation and tradition / authenticity in its offerings.

But it is also absolutely committed to SAFETY issues and ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and RESPECT .


Security and safety


All our activities have a prior review of the security conditions, made by our technical experts.

However, in case the unexpected happens, is first given to our clients a safety device, connected to the Red Cross which, once activated , bleep an early warning allowing a gig on time.

Our guides also have training in Risk Assessment, First Aid .

On the other hand, as many of the activities we propose are outdoor, they are affected by atmospheric conditions and therefore we reserve us the right to cancel them for the safety of the participants .

If the participant becomes sick or some accident happen: the Pack is covered by liability insurance. ( See Conditions - LINK ) .


Respect for the Environment

Grekking evaluates the environmental impact of all its activities and has in its team experts in the field .Eco-friendlyGreen

Maintains the practice of Carbon Offset: periodically makes trees plantation to offset its ecological footprint.

Also makes an accurate assessment of their partners, ensuring that their practices comply with the environment.